Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who does Union Fish Company sell to?

A: Union Fish Company sells to wholesalers and distributors ONLY. We do NOT sell to supermarkets and/or restaurants direct. Nor do we sell the general public.

Q: How can I start purchasing product from Union Fish Company?

A: All new/potential customers must fill out our credit application (there is a link below and another link on our ‘Contact’ page). After your credit application has been reviewed and approved, a credit limit will be established for your account and you may start ordering!


Q: How do I receive products that I order from Union Fish Company?

A: The majority of our customers will make their own pick-up arrangements at the respective public cold storage facility where the product is being stored. Occasionally we will arrange a delivery to our customers and/or their freight forwarder, but this requires additional charges as we do not own any trucks and we have to get quotes from local trucking companies. Deliveries are subject to minimum weight requirements and/or minimum trucking charges.

Q: Does Union Fish Company hold any inventories in Larkspur, CA?

A: No, we do not hold any of our products at our Larkspur, CA office. The majority of our inventories are stored in Los Angeles.

Q: Does Union Fish Company carry any fresh products?

A: We handle frozen products only.

Q: How do I start selling my products to Union Fish Company?

A: We work very closely with our current suppliers/vendors and do not take on new ones very often. If you are interested in selling us your products please send us your company information, along with a brief introduction, via fax or email.